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Alexis Van Deventer

Director of Nursing 

Alexis Van Deventer brings years of acute-intensive care experience where she witnessed first-hand the devastation of acute cases in the ICU as a result from substance use, In addition, she has also had personal experience with those closest to her and is looking forward to being part of the solution at SEE Purpose. Alexis is currently obtaining her M.S.N. in Nursing Administration from Indiana Wesleyan, which she hopes will further her career in the nursing profession and assist with organizational growth at SEE Purpose. She has a sincere passion for helping others with her personality and takes pride in her work. Alexis brings a kind, “get er done” attitude, is appreciated by those she works hand in hand with. Her organizational skills, ability to problem solve quickly, and willingness to jump in and roll up her sleeves is appreciated by her team and she is seen as a person with amazing leadership skill, as a result. She enjoys building a team that embraces a collaborative mentality to accomplish goals and looks forward to working alongside the detox staff for the benefit of the countless people we serve. She has been a life-long resident of Greene County and is ecstatic about being able to give back to her community and help those individuals and families heal in a safe, respectful, and dignified way.