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Haylee Hostetter


Haylee Hostetter is a Registered Nurse. She received her associate’s degree in nursing in 2008 and her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2015. She aspires to become a Psychiatric Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner. She has one daughter of her own and two stepdaughters. She always questioned why she became a nurse until she began to work in the mental health field. Once working in mental health, she became very interested in addiction treatment. She finally found her purpose within her career. It was to help other’s know and understand their addiction wasn’t something they “choose” and that’s it’s real, and needs attention like any other disease. She truly believes in recovery and sobriety and wants to help those who wish to achieve it. Haylee has a very loving and caring heart and her clients’ needs are vital in every aspect. She chooses to work at SEE Purpose because she believes in their goals and patient care for addiction disorders. She wants to help people overcome their addiction and gain sobriety. It’s truly amazing to see someone overcome their disease and find the person they’ve lost. She’s worked in addiction medicine for 5 years now and she wouldn’t change a day as a nurse in this role.