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Susannah F, M.ED., LMHCA


Susannah is a licensed mental health counselor associate from Indiana. Susannah has a research background which helped develop her inquisitive nature and nonjudgmental approach to clients of all backgrounds. Her clinical experience spans community mental health to acute psychiatric care so she is familiar with myriad ages, identities, diagnoses, and experiences. Susannah uses a warm, direct approach to therapy and embraces the therapeutic effects of humor. She strives to help clients rediscover their genuine selves without the anguish of active addiction. Susannah believes trauma focus is a necessary factor in treating addiction and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. She is 

approachable and sensitive to the delicate nuances of vulnerability that trauma and adverse life events carry. Using a strengths-based practice, she brings empathy, respect, and compassion to therapeutic relationships. Susannah knows all humans can achieve fulfilling lives and relationships, and is passionate about catering intervention styles to clients’ individual preferences and needs. She loves growing and learning, and energetically nurtures those qualities in others. 

In her home life, Susannah values time with her family and their Newfoundland, Fezzik. She enjoys a low-key life filled with play, reading, experiential learning, crafts, and home/land renovations.