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Who We Are

A Program Built Around You


“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination”- Carl Rogers

SEE Purpose Treatment Center seeks to ease the suffering caused by a multitude of issues related to substance use and alcoholism. Recovery takes a village. That village includes the family/loved ones, the treatment culture and environment, the clinical team, and anyone that can provide collateral support for the needs of the person receiving treatment. In order to provide individuals with the best possible results, all of our clinicians are trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and mindfulness techniques. They have all had extensive training working with people who have substance use issues. Our staff couples their extensive training and experience with EMDR to assist people with trauma or adverse life experiences. This allows them to address these issues and gain freedom from the cyclical behavior this causes.


Testimonials & Stories of Recovery

This place is run by truly amazing people who genuinely want to help recovering addicts! Their customer service is incredible. They are highly responsive and take a genuine interest in their clients regardless of the situation. I recommend this place if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction.
Dalia H.
The staff and facilities are fantastic. People working there are there because they love what they do. I would recommend this to anyone in need of addiction treatment or anyone whose loved one needs help.
Gracie W.
I was very blessed to have found See Purpose when I needed help. They cared for me very well and I could feel the love from all. I am a year sober now and life couldn't be better. I was at my lowest, they were there with a plan that saved my life. Thank you to ALL the wonderful staff that cared for me while I was there. God bless you all!
Ben S.
I have been to treatment multiple times. The staff and services were the best I have ever received. I wouldn't think twice about sending someone or returning if needed . This place is a lifesaver if your willing.
Kevin A.
New facility with great staff that cares. This place is a ongoing life changing experience for me. I’m leaving here tomorrow with all the skills and support I need to be successful.. I feel loved and cared for by every single staff member here and I love them back. Thank you all for saving my life.. none of you will ever be forgotten..
Alexander C.
I have been to over 30 something rehabs. This place has completely changed my life. The staff actually cares and puts in the time and energy to each client individually and helps them cater to their needs. The facility is absolutely amazing and it feels like home. I am so grateful that my family contacted Eric and brought me there. Highly recommend See Purpose!
Grant P.
See Purpose is a fantastic facility, the staff really cares about the clients. The education, encouragement and structure was truly first class. The staff showed kindness and patience to all of us. For anybody who wants to overcome their addiction for good, See Purpose is the place to start.
The staff is amazing. They saved my life and allowed me to have a future.
Scott F.

Customized Approach

For every individual that comes into our addiction treatment facility located in Indiana, we offer a completely customized approach that works for that individual.

12 Step & Non-12 Step

With our working knowledge of addiction treatment, we have found what works best is the program that works for YOU. This is why we offer 12-step and 12-step alternative types of addiction treatment.

Luxury Environment

We offer high quality addiction treatment in a luxury environment so you, the client, have the best experience possible when trying break free from addiction.

Expert Professionals

At SEE Purpose in Indiana, our addiction treatment staff is only the best of the best. We work with professional clinicians who can empathize with your situation and know how to make this process simple.

Quality Care

At SEE Purpose, located in Indiana, we provide the comforts of home and a level of professionalism that helps individuals feel taken care of.


We use evidence-based treatment modalities to truly focus on what works when you are facing addiction.

We're all in this together.

Our Team

Our team is a group of the top of line, highly qualified addiction treatment professionals. Each and every one of us is driven by the sole purpose of helping you and getting you free from addiction.



Evan Amarni


Chief Executive Officer


Eric Moore


Chief Operations Officer

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Brittanie Ramos, M.S.


image0 (53)

Dr. Christian Small

Medical Director

image0 (19)

Alexis VanDeventer, RN

Director of Nursing

image0 (5)

Julia Crane


Clinical Director


Lacee Noon

Lead Case Manager

image0 (2)

Jay G.

Lead Residential Tech


image0 (4)

Regina Conard

Licensed Practical Nurse

image0 (11)

Tara I, CMA

Detox Nurse

image0 (16)

Becky Borter, CMA

Detox Nurse

image0 (14)

Elissa F., CMA

Detox Nurse

image0 (12)

Brandy G., EMT

Detox Technician


Michelle K.

Detox Technician

image0 (20)

Aryel R., CMA

Detox Technician

image0 (17)

Peyton L.

Detox Technician


image0 (6)

Emily R

Residential Technician

image0 (10)

Abby A

Residential Technician

image0 (9)

Amanda K

Residential Technician


Samantha C

Residential Technician


Rebecca “Becca” R

Residential Technician

IMG_6328 (1)

Katie M

Residential Technician


Richard S

Residential Technician

image0 (8)

Sarah A

Neurofeedback Technician

image0 (18)

Jeannie Andrew

Residential Technician

image0 (13)

Ellie B., MA

Primary Therapist

image0 (15)

Marisa S., LSW

Primary Therapist


Tammy Ray

House Keeping

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image0 (3)

Tiffani Lundy

Admissions Coordinator