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Drug Rehab in Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington Addiction Treatment

Breaking the Stigma of Addiction

Breaking the Stigma of Addiction in Indiana & Beyond

There have been tremendous advances in the field of modern medicine, and many of these advances have helped people break the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction issues. At our drug treatment program in Indiana, we are here to help everyone get on the road to recovery. We offer a variety of programs that are designed to help everyone recover from common substance abuse issues.

Here at SEE Purpose our drug & alcohol treatment program in Indiana is here to make an impact on the disease of addiction and in each client’s life. Through an integrated and individualized treatment program, our program allows our clients to find their purpose in recovery from addiction.

Understanding the Disease

What Exactly is Addiction?

Addiction is the medical term used to describe the body’s dependence on a foreign substance. While addiction may look different from person to person, certain substances are more addictive than others based on how they affect the brain and body. Alcohol and drugs such as heroin, prescription painkillers, cocaine, and amphetamines can be highly addictive. If someone has an addiction to these substances, this can manifest in various ways, including:

  • Family members and friends may notice signs of drug or alcohol abuse, including self-isolation and strained personal relationships for the person suffering from substance abuse.
  • Individuals with an addiction will start to feel the need to hide their drug or alcohol use. As a result, they begin to lie frequently to family and friends about their use and will likely avoid spending as much time with them.
  • People will are addicted to drugs or alcohol will be unable to stop without help, even if they want.
  • Individuals with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will likely experience negative impacts on mental, emotional, or physical health, varying depending on the certain substance being used.

Any of these signs suggest that a person likely requires professional addiction treatment. At SEE Purpose Treatment Center, an inpatient treatment center in Indiana, we can help. We offer those suffering from substance abuse an escape from the chaos of active addiction.

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Getting Help for Addiction in Indiana

Understanding Our Bloomington Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction treatment is often necessary to help someone break the bonds of addiction from alcohol or drugs. There are numerous hurdles that will need to be addressed in order for this to happen. First, individuals with an addiction to alcohol or drugs may go through withdrawal at the beginning of recovery, depending on what substance was being used and the severity of the addiction disorder. Withdrawal is what happens when the body goes for an extended period of time without the substance to which it has become dependent. Depending on the substance, withdrawal symptoms may often include fevers, shakes, chills, sweats, insomnia, emotional lability, and seizures. 

Then, once the body is detoxed, addiction treatment will help the person stay clean. During this time, the person will identify the factors that drove them to engage in addictive behaviors in the first place. By eliminating the root causes of addiction, individuals can stay sober for the long-term.

How to Get Help & find Recovery

How See Purpose Can Help

At SEE Purpose, a drug rehab in Indiana, we offer an addiction treatment program that can help someone recover from the grips of addiction. Our approaches are unique and tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient. Our substance abuse treatment program includes:

01 Detoxification

Detox is the first phase of addiction treatment. With our detox center in Indiana, we ensure our clients safely detox under the care of medical professionals. Detox and withdrawal can be the most physically challenging part of addiction treatment in Bloomington. It's important that you don't go through this process alone.

02 Residential Inpatient

The next phase of treatment is residential inpatient treatment. This program offers clients 24/7 support. During this time, you will complete modalities such as group therapy, individual therapy, 12 step support groups, and holistic therapies, while living within a professional treatment facility. The goal here is to learn how to live without drugs or alcohol.

03 Unique Therapies

Here at our drug addiction treatment center, we hand-crafted our program to combine the best of traditional, modern, holistic and experiential therapies to provide each of our clients with a truly individualized experience. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR for trauma to mindfulness and meditation, we employ a number of therapies to make sure each client's root causes of addiction are treated.

04 Aftercare Planning

SEE Purpose aims to offer long-term solutions to all of our clients. Addiction is a lifelong battle, and to ensure long-term recovery, aftercare programs are crucial. Aftercare can include outpatient therapy, alumni support, and recovery support groups. All of our clients leave our addiction treatment center with an aftercare plan tailored specifically to them. We work with local and regional partners to provide quality aftercare.

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Innovative programming.

Find your Purpose in Recovery

Get Help at Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Bloomington

We provide top-rated, personalized solutions for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. . Our addiction treatment program includes advanced, cutting-edge therapies that are designed to help our clients achieve long-term sobriety. We offer numerous therapies and modalities that are tailored to help people during every stage of recovery. We individualize all of our treatment plans to meet the needs of our clients. We know that addiction treatment is a challenge and is multifaceted.

Our goal is to help our clients identify the root causes of their addiction and help them stay sober after they leave us. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one, please call us today at 1-866-558-3606 or click here to begin the admissions process now!


Our addiction treatment center in Bloomington works directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses, in order to get the help you are seeking.