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How to Find the Best Aetna Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

Whether you’re seeking inpatient treatment in a facility or something more casual, finding the right substance abuse treatment for your needs and budget is crucial. Insurance may or may not cover the entirety of your rehab needs, but it can at least lessen the weight of any costs that might be involved. This includes things like time spent in a facility, medications, professional therapy, and more. 

SEE Purpose is your premier option for comprehensive Aetna substance abuse treatment in Indiana. Our combination of mindfulness, evidence-based treatment approaches, and knowledgeable professionals sets us apart from the crowd. Plus, Aetna covers our services and many other leading insurance companies, which means that our treatment is among the most accessible in the area.

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SEE Purpose: Top Aetna Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

At SEE Purpose, we believe in adopting a customized, client-focused approach to treatment. Our Indiana luxury drug and alcohol facility is the perfect home for an Aetna addiction treatment program that’s as unique as those we help. 

With our team of expert professionals, evidence-based methodologies, and top-quality care resources, we’re well-equipped to help those living with an addiction find the path to sobriety. All of our clinicians are trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which helps us treat our clients who have experienced trauma. No matter why you may be seeking help, our staff works together to provide only the best inpatient and outpatient rehab services to all who need them.

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How Much Will an Aetna Addiction Treatment Program Cost?

The amount you’ll be expected to pay out of pocket for addiction treatment depends on the policies that are specific to your insurance plan. It may also vary based on which type of treatment you pursue and what other medical services you might need. 

It’s best to reference your individual policy or reach out to Aetna to learn more about what to expect for yourself. If you choose to work with SEE Purpose, we can take care of connecting with your insurance provider for you. Our services fall under Aetna’s network, so no matter which type of plan you have, it’s likely that our treatment options can work for you.

In general, though, providers who are within Aetna’s network can offer addiction treatment services at a manageable price similar to that of other healthcare costs. SEE Purpose is a top choice for Aetna substance use treatment in Indiana because we’re prepared to work with clients to find treatment options that fit their needs and budget. 

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Aetna’s Coverage Policies for Addiction Treatment

Different policies will cover addiction treatment options to varying extents based on the specifics of the plan. An Aetna drug rehab center in Indiana, like SEE Purpose, can typically offer a variety of services, all without breaching the limits of your insurance policy. 

Regardless of the facility, Aetna insurance holders can generally expect to be able to have at least some services partially or mostly covered (aside from co-pays), including options like:

Treatments involving detoxification usually focus on medical intervention and monitoring a person halting or weaning off substance use. This can be particularly important for substances whose withdrawal can be dangerous or even fatal. Detoxification is often a critical first step of a treatment plan, as it’s necessary to stop using alcohol or drugs to be able to fully benefit from later steps.

SEE Purpose provides safe and therapeutic detoxification treatment services to those who need them. We understand how crucial it is to guide those experiencing addiction through this first stage of recovery with an expert touch and compassion. 

An inpatient treatment program usually involves staying at a hospital or another facility full-time as ordered by a physician. These programs are typically beneficial for people who are experiencing a severe addiction or whose needs are significant enough to warrant round-the-clock monitoring. 

SEE Purpose is a leading Aetna drug rehab center in Indiana, offering inpatient care to clients from all backgrounds. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility offers clients an opportunity to focus on their sobriety and become a healthier, happier version of themselves.

After a recovering addict completes an inpatient treatment program, they’re ready to return to daily life. To support long-term sobriety, many clients choose to pursue aftercare outpatient treatment. Unlike inpatient treatment, which requires participants to stay on-site at a facility, outpatient rehab requires clients to attend a certain number of therapy sessions or hours of treatment each week. They’re meant to help those recovering from addiction take the steps needed to continue pursuing their goals, avoid relapse, and find professional support long after they’ve returned home.

At SEE Purpose, we’re here to help our clients through every step of the recovery process, including aftercare. Our commitment to treating the whole of a person, not just their addiction, extends well beyond our walls.

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Find the Best Aetna Substance Abuse Treatment in Indiana: SEE Purpose

At SEE Purpose, we know that recovery takes a village. That village can include the professionals who help you determine the best way to manage the financial costs of your treatment. We work hard to offer our services at a price that’s accessible for those who need them because we believe recovery is for everyone.

Our team is dedicated to truly and fully understanding each client who walks through our doors, which makes us the ideal Aetna drug rehab center in Indiana for those experiencing drug or alcohol addictions. We provide the treatment services necessary to help clients from start to finish and then some. No matter what level of care you’re looking for, we can help you figure out the best ways to achieve your goals and get the support you need.

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To learn more about how SEE Purpose can help you pursue recovery and take charge of your addiction, contact us today. Our Indiana Aetna rehab treatment center can work directly with your insurance company to determine what benefits you can use to cover your treatment expenses. From there, we can work with you to figure out the best ways to offer the help you need. 

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Our inpatient treatment center in Indiana works directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses, in order to get the help you are seeking.