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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Indianapolis

Addiction Treatment Options for Indiana

Overcome Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Addiction Statistics and Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, Indiana

Addiction is a disease. The impacts of this disease stretch far beyond the physical and psychological difficulties faced by the individual who struggles with drug or alcohol use. The fallout from addiction affects friends, family, employers, and the community as a whole. In the United States, more than twenty-one million people struggle with an addiction to at least one substance. As many as half of those will struggle with a dual diagnosis, meaning they experience the symptoms of a substance use disorder and a mental health condition. 

Historically, addiction was seen as a voluntary choice. If someone struggled with drugs or alcohol, it was because they did not want to quit drinking, using, or smoking. This misguided understanding of the disease of addiction led to a rapidly growing and toxic stigma surrounding addiction and addiction treatment. Fortunately, the views and understanding of addiction have changed. Today, the medical and mental health communities understand addiction as a disease of the brain. Regular and long-term substance results in significant physical and functional changes to the brain and brain structure. This is especially true concerning the areas of the brain responsible for emotion, impulse control, and decision making. 

Depending on the duration and severity of one’s addiction, it can be difficult (or nearly impossible) to give up substances and reverse these changes without the assistance of a team of professionals at a drug rehab in Indianapolis, Indiana, like SEE Purpose.

Unfortunately, treatment remains a challenge not only in Indiana but nationwide. For various reasons, including ongoing stigma, access, affordability, and, unfortunately, choice, millions of those in need of help will never seek or receive addiction treatment. Recent data from several organizations, including the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), indicates as few as ten percent of those in need of treatment will ever receive it.


Introduction to Addiction in Indianapolis

Since 2010 the rate of addiction and overdose has continued to rise in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana as a whole. Since 2010, Indianapolis has seen the death rate from overdose increase each year, finally reaching its peak in 2017. Although Indianapolis is one of the few cities across the nation that has not seen a peak in prescription drug abuse, the use of other opioids, as well as fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other designer drugs, have increased many times over in the last decade. In 2017 more than four hundred residents of Indianapolis died from circumstances directly related to a drug overdose. If there is a bright spot to the statistic, it is that again, unlike the rest of the nation, deaths related to prescription opioids have been on the decline since 2011, although drug-related deaths in this city continued to rise for all other forms of drugs. In 2017, cocaine was responsible for more deaths in Marion County than prescription opioids or heroin. 

Despite the high number of reported overdose deaths, there is concern within the medical community that many deaths related to overdose are not being reported. There is some speculation that as many as 80% of deaths related to mixed opioid overdose are not reported because the combination of drugs in the system (and therefore responsible for loss of life) cannot be accurately determined. If this is a correct assumption, there could be as many as 200 more deaths each year related to a drug overdose. 

Seeking a drug & alcohol addiction treatment program in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one of the first steps towards getting help for substance abuse. SEE Purpose is here to help you begin that journey with a free consultation. Regardless of whether you come to our program, we will help you find personalized solutions that work for your needs.

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How to Find Treatment for Addiction

What to Look for in an Alcohol and Drug Indianapolis Rehab

There are many different treatment options available to someone seeking addiction treatment. To ensure your treatment experience is successful, it is essential to select a treatment facility whose treatment models (including traditional evidence-based therapies and alternative therapy options) align most closely with your treatment needs and goals. It is also helpful to consider your specific treatment needs. If you struggle with a severe addiction, had completed a treatment program before, and experienced relapse, or if your addiction is to alcohol or opioid drugs, it is essential to seek inpatient treatment in a facility where medically supervised detox is possible. 

Addiction is a disease unique to the individual. Although two people may be addicted to the same substance, they will not experience the same physical, psychological, or spiritual struggles associated with using and detoxing from that substance. For this reason, it is essential to choose a drug rehab in Indianapolis like SEE Purpose, where your treatment plan is based on your specific relationship with drugs or alcohol. When selecting a treatment program, it is also important to choose a program where the level of care matches your addiction severity. Inpatient residential programs like See Purpose are intensive programs that require patients to live “on-site” at the treatment facility throughout the duration of their program. Although this is often challenging for the addict and their loved ones, the residential nature of an inpatient program often makes it the best choice for addicts struggling with severe addiction, co-occurring mental or physical health conditions, or those who struggle with relapse. 

At a residential treatment program in Indiana, individuals struggling with addiction are provided the opportunity to “get away” from people, situations, or places that may be triggering while learning new and healthy ways to cope with triggers after treatment is complete. In addition, while living on-site at our Indianapolis facility, you are free from potential exposure to substances, and therefore, cravings and opportunities for relapse are reduced.

Addiction treatment in indiana

How SEE Purpose Can Help Indy Residents Recover

At See Purpose in Indianapolis, we understand the decision to seek addiction treatment is difficult. It is challenging to decide to leave home and spend time away from family, friends, and employment while seeking sobriety. For this reason, we strive to ensure there are unique therapy programs that help you meet your sobriety and treatment goals in the most healthy, supportive, and holistic manner possible. Addiction is a disease. Despite its chronic nature, however, addiction is treatable. 

At SEE Purpose, we work individually with each person who comes to our facility to ensure our treatment programs consist of a combination of specifically targeted therapies to address their symptoms, even if those symptoms relate to a dual diagnosis condition. As a treatment facility with providers who specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, our skilled and compassionate treatment providers are trained to address the unique nature of co-occurring disorders and provide adequate therapies to help you understand better how mental health and addiction are related.

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Acknowledging a struggle with addiction and choosing to seek addiction treatment is the first and vital step on your journey to recovery. However, it is only the first step on what is typically a journey of both progress and change. There will inevitably be challenges, stumbles, and setbacks along the way. Such setbacks are not uncommon, nor are they an indication of failure in your sobriety. Recent statistics show as many as sixty percent of those who complete an addiction treatment program will experience at least one incidence of relapse during their recovery. Struggles and challenges to your sobriety are not uncommon when trying to defeat addiction but starting your journey at See Purpose will help you begin a new life free from the difficulties and struggles of addiction. 

If you are ready to begin your journey towards freedom from the binds of drugs and alcohol, reach out to our Indianapolis, Indiana, addiction treatment center today. Our caring and compassionate admissions and treatment teams are here to help you learn more about our treatment programs (including dual diagnosis treatment options and comprehensive detoxification services) and how a uniquely designed course of treatment at our drug & alcohol treatment center near Indianapolis, Indiana, may help you achieve and maintain long term health, vitality, and sobriety. With the support and guidance of the treatment team at See Purpose, your path to freedom from drugs and alcohol is just a phone call away.


At SEE Purpose, we work directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses, in order to get the help you are seeking.