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BCBS Drug Rehab in Indiana

Thousands of people every day want to get help with their addiction and don’t know where to turn to get it. For many, they can’t get help because they believe they can’t afford it or that their insurance won’t cover the treatment they need. While this used to be true, people suffering from addiction now have more options when it comes to finding an Indiana drug and alcohol rehab center. 

SEE Purpose isn’t just your average addiction treatment center in Indiana; we happen to be a proud member of the BCBS family. As a BCBS drug rehab in Indiana, we are able to help thousands of clients with their addiction without them having to struggle with the burden of how to pay for the addiction treatment they so desperately need. No one should have to worry about finances while trying to get help with their addiction. 

SEE Purpose Treatment is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana. Contact us today to learn more about our Indiana inpatient substance abuse treatment center.

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What is BCBS?

BCBS is an insurance industry pioneer that began all the way back in 1929 from humble beginnings. The original company started with a single partnership with a local hospital and a goal to help patients that could not afford their treatment get the care that they needed. 

From this initial partnership with one hospital, focused on individuals and not big companies, BCBS would continue to grow and, through more and more partnerships, would become synonymous with American healthcare. 

Today, BCBS now services more than 100 million customers and helps them with everything from medicare to family insurance. By continuing to innovate and expand with partnerships around the world, BCBS has become one of the most prominent insurance providers in the world and has led the way for better practices and better service for its customers. 

SEE Purpose is proud to be part of this and to be considered part of the BCBS addiction treatment network. As a BCBS drug rehab in Indiana, we provide a range of treatment options to our clients to help them develop the skills and tools they need to overcome their addiction and live a sober life. 

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Does BCBS Cover Drug Rehab in Indiana?

Whether you’re looking for a BCBS alcohol treatment center in Indianapolis or a BCBS drug rehab center in Indiana, you’ll be happy to know you’ll have the coverage you need. As part of its commitment to coverage, BCBS provides mental health and substance abuse coverage plans for all its customers. 

Insurance companies like BCBS are required to offer substance abuse coverage regardless of the state they live in. BCBS now offers different plans and different levels of coverage for all types of substance abuse treatment and different needs that their customers may have. As part of that treatment network, SEE Purpose provides inpatient treatment in a luxury setting that gets clients away from the stresses of the world and allows them to focus solely on their recovery. We know that getting clean and sober is difficult and the fewer distractions a person has, the better for their recovery. 

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The Benefits of an In-Network BCBS Drug Rehab

You may wonder why choosing an in-network BCBS drug rehab in Indiana is the right choice? Besides getting the superior treatment and service that is provided here at SEE Purpose, there are a number of other benefits to look forward to by choosing a treatment facility that is in-network. 

First, you can stay connected with your insurance provider much more easily. In the event that you have questions or need help with your coverage, being at an in-network facility like SEE Purpose makes it easier to communicate with your provider and get the answers and the help you need. We even have staff on hand that can help you when dealing with the insurance company. 

Another benefit that most clients enjoy is that you get the superior coverage you would expect without having to pay extra for an out-of-network provider. In fact, sometimes services may be denied if the provider is out of network, and you may have to transfer to a different rehab to get the care you need. 

SEE Purpose lets you skip all those headaches by keeping your addiction treatment in-network as a BCBS drug rehab in Indiana. 

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Why Rehab is Important to Recovery

Now, for those of you that are skeptical as to why an Indian drug rehab like SEE Purpose is necessary for your recovery, let’s go over a few basic facts. 

Going to a detox center in Indiana, like SEE Purpose, is the first step to truly getting sober. Clients who choose not to go to rehab end up struggling and repeatedly relapsing without getting sober. In fact, going to a rehab facility gives you the best chances of completing treatment and going on to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. 

Part of the reason for this has to do with what happens when we stop using drugs and alcohol. Without professional detox, the person enters what is known as withdrawal. Not only does withdrawal make people want to continue using, but the side effects can even be deadly without medical supervision.

When you come to SEE Purpose for detox, you will go through a medically supervised detox program where our staff will monitor you throughout the entire process. Detox is not the only hurdle that those suffering from addiction have to deal with. The other reason why addiction treatment at a facility like ours is so important is that we teach clients the skills they need to cope with their addiction and identify the underlying causes and triggers that cause their addiction in the first place. 

If you have BCBS insurance and would like to learn more about our treatment programs and services at SEE Purpose, give us a call today.

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SEE Purpose is a BCBS Drug Rehab Facility in Indiana

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about BCBS and their coverage of addiction treatment in Indiana, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get started on your journey to recovery here at SEE Purpose. 

Not only do we treat each client like an individual, but we have a highly trained and experienced staff that knows about the struggles that those with an addiction go through and how to help them get sober and stay that way. 

Don’t let addiction continue to ruin your life, click or call today! 


Our inpatient treatment center in Indiana works directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses, in order to get the help you are seeking.