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First Health Network

Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

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First Health Network Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

Insurance coverage is a vital resource for most people affected by serious health problems. That includes problems related to the misuse of drugs or alcohol. Today, most insurance providers will help cover the costs of substance treatment. However, the facility you choose for treatment must accept your specific form of coverage. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying much higher fees for out-of-network services.

At SEE Purpose, we’re dedicated to helping you avoid this kind of scenario. That’s why we accept insurance plans from a broad range of the nation’s top providers. The list of those providers includes First Health Network. First Health plans can be used for in-network treatment in situations where other plans may not. In this way, they help expand your available options for modern, effective care.

SEE Purpose is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab center in Indiana that offers comprehensive addiction treatment services. Contact us today to learn more.

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First Health Network Basics

First Health Network is a subsidiary of the well-known health insurance giant Aetna. It specializes in providing in-network services at facilities across the U.S. In total, well over 800,000 health facilities and practitioners belong to the network. Almost 19,000 of these healthcare providers are based somewhere in Indiana. 

First Health plans differ from most forms of insurance coverage available today. That’s true because they allow you to pay in-network rates for services you receive outside your state of residence. This approach can help limit the costs of the services you receive. It can also make it much easier to access those services, regardless of your current location.

The typical First Health Network plan can be used to help you pay for drug or alcohol rehab services. However, the amount of coverage available depends on the specifics of your particular plan. Some policies may cover most of your treatment expenses. In contrast, other policies may only help you meet a small portion of your overall costs. 

Want to know more about the basics of First Health Network insurance coverage for rehab? Consult the recovery specialists at SEE Purpose today.

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Detoxification at Our First Network Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

When you start your recovery from drug addiction, you must detoxify your body. In other words, you must stop using drugs or medication and allow your system to reach a substance-free state. The same principle applies to people starting their recovery from alcoholism. 

Today, the word detoxification has several potential meanings. In the context of drug and alcohol rehab, it refers to a supervised process that helps you reach initial sobriety. Some aspects of this process are the same for everyone, regardless of the substance in their system. Such common measures include:

  • Halting your uncontrolled substance use
  • Riding out the last effects of drug or alcohol intoxication
  • Dealing with any withdrawal symptoms that surface as your brain reacts to the absence of a given substance
  • Readying yourself for a treatment program that moves you beyond short-term sobriety

There are also aspects of detox that depend on factors that apply to your specific situation. One major factor is the type of substance in your system (e.g., opioids, alcohol, stimulants, sedatives). Other considerations include the:

  • Intensity and extent of your addiction symptoms
  • Amount of time you’ve been affected by addiction
  • Presence or absence of additional mental or physical health issues
  • Level of available support from your family, friends or other loved ones

All of these variables go into determining the details of your customized detox plan. While the overall process is similar in some ways for everyone, no two plans are exactly alike. 

One important feature of your detox experience is the setting in which you receive help. Most people with mild or moderate substance problems are candidates for an outpatient setting. In contrast, severely affected people usually need a residential inpatient option. What are the key differences between the two settings? Residential programs:

  • Provide you with more treatment than outpatient programs
  • Feature additional support services
  • Require you to live onsite during detox rather than returning home each day

At SEE Purpose, we specialize in residential inpatient detox services. Have more questions about detoxing at our Indiana First Health Network rehab? Contact our knowledgeable staff for the answers you need.

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How Our First Health Network Addiction Treatment Program Works

The central purpose of completing substance detox is preparing you for active addiction treatment. You need this treatment because, as essential as detox is, it won’t help you maintain substance abstinence over time. Instead, it leaves you in a sober state that allows you to pursue lasting abstinence. 

SEE Purpose takes full advantage of the evidence-based active treatment options available today. Treatments of this type are not based on wishful thinking or trial and error. They’re the product of extensive research that demonstrates their general usefulness. 

Treatment options available in our residential program include forms of therapy such as:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

We also feature 12-step programs that add an extra layer of recovery support. In addition, we offer mindfulness-based options that help extend the value of treatment. Such options include both yoga and meditation. 

Talk to us today to find out more about our options for First Health Network substance abuse treatment in Indiana.

Like many veterans of military service, you or your loved one may have a drug or alcohol problem. In addition, you may be suffering from PTSD, depression or another mental health condition. To recover your sense of well-being, you must get help for all of the issues affecting you. You’ll find that help at SEE Purpose. We offer a comprehensive program designed specifically to meet veterans’ recovery needs. Contact us today for more information on how this program works.

Aftercare services help you stay drug- and alcohol-free following your stay in residential treatment. You may receive these services in an outpatient setting. You may also make other arrangements for follow-up care.

At SEE Purpose, we understand the importance of including aftercare in your long-term sobriety plan. To help you get the care you need following residential treatment, we maintain relations with multiple outpatient providers. The coordination we provide makes it easy to transition smoothly into a suitable aftercare program. For more details on our planning services, consult us today.

SEE Purpose accepts Humana insurance for all levels of care provided at our facilities in addition to many other major insurance companies. To verify your or a loved one’s insurance coverage, contact SEE Purpose and talk with one of our admissions staff members. 

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Seek Help From SEE Purpose’s First Health Network Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

A First Health Network insurance policy provides considerable flexibility for anyone in need of substance rehab. Most importantly, it helps you lower your treatment costs with in-network coverage even when you’re out of state. This important perk may be crucial to your ability to find the high-quality recovery support you need.

Need a First Health Network drug rehab center in Indiana? SEE Purpose is here for you. We accept First Health coverage, as well as coverage from many other respected insurance providers. You can use your insurance to help limit the costs of effective substance treatment. You can also use it to access our full range of detox and active rehab services. To get started, just contact us today via phone call or our brief online form.

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