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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Fort Wayne, IN

Addiction Treatment Options in Indiana

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Introduction to Addiction & Treatment in Fort Wayne

Substance use disorder has a dramatic impact on every corner of the state of Indiana. Many people who struggle with addiction are people we care about or know. They may be our family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Whether you or someone you know suffers from addiction in Fort Wayne, know that quality drug rehabs are available to help you find recovery.

The addiction crisis continues to span across the state of Indiana, having a devastating effect. Nearly one in 12 Hoosiers, or close to half a million people, meet the DSM-IV criteria for having a substance use disorder. People need help, but some cannot get the treatment they need. The well-being of generations to come is also under threat. 

The Indiana drug overdose rate reached its highest in 2017, at 29.4 per 100,000, which is a 22% increase from 2016. Indiana also had the third-highest drug overdose rate in the nation between 2016 and 2017, only following New Jersey and Nebraska. If that is not enough to prove the seriousness of the drug addiction problem in Indiana, the state has been consistently placed in the top half of the nation’s overdose death rate since 2013 and consistently has held a higher overdose-related death rate than the nation’s average. 

Many Hoosiers struggle with giving up an addiction – especially on their own. If you or a loved one battles addiction in Fort Wayne, IN, you should consider working with a team of professionals who can help you fight the battle against substance abuse at one of the drug rehab centers in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

SEE Purpose stands apart as one of the only drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that offers promising results. Read on to find out more about how we can help you or a loved one leave the struggles of addiction in the past.

How Addiction Has Affected Fort Wayne, IN

Facts & Statistics of Addiction in Fort Wayne, Indiana

The drug battle in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has not been an easy one in the last several years. In 2018, over 1000 Hoosiers lost their lives due to the opioid epidemic and opioid-related overdoses. In 2020, this number increased exponentially. This highlights just how the great the need is for effective addiction treatment.

Through March of 2021, Fort Wayne, IN, has seen more non-fatal overdoses than the year prior, with just over 60 in 2019 and over 100 in 2020. Interestingly, the overdose rate tends to be lower during the last three months of the year and higher in the summer. It is suspected that as winter begins, people often enter into addiction treatment to get away from inclement weather, while in the summer, people often spend lots of time outdoors partying.

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How to get help for substance abuse in Fort Wayne

What to Look For in a Fort Wayne, IN Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Once you’ve made the decision to seek treatment at one of the drug rehab facilities in Fort Wayne, you will need to find a program that will meet your individual and unique needs and circumstances. Today people need to know what to look for in a Fort Wayne, IN drug rehab center. Here are some of the most important topics to cover as you look for a rehab provider.

  • Accreditation, Licensing, and Certifications: Rehab facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that are reputable are accredited by either the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) or The Joint Commission. Both are independent nonprofit organizations that look for industry performance standards and demonstrated results in addition to quality and value for accreditation. Furthermore, drug rehab facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, should be certified to advertise programs and get licensed by the state.
  • Credentials and Licenses for Clinical Staff: Credentials and Licenses show if an individual who offers drug rehab Fort Wayne, IN, service and programming meets the nationally recognized standards for professional practice. Staff who are not licensed or accredited may lack the necessary experience and training to offer the most effective care.
  • Use of Evidence-based Practices: Treatment programs that are the most effective employ evidence-based practices that are proven through science-backed research. These practices include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Medication-assisted Therapies, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Twelve-Step Facilitation, in addition to other treatment models. 
  • Multidisciplinary Treatment Team: A highly effective substance abuse treatment program involves an interdisciplinary treatment team that offers programs that treat all aspects of the disease, including mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Mental Health Services: An effective rehab facility will also offer mental health services because many who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction also struggle with a co-occurring disorder or mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety. An accurate diagnosis of any underlying mental health disorder is imperative for the best treatment outcome. If an addiction treatment program fails to offer mental health services, one may want to look to another facility. 
  • Medical Detox or Medication-assisted Therapies: Medical detox is helpful for many people with addiction struggles. In order to rehabilitate effectively, one must detox by removing their substance of choice from their system prior to receiving any other type of drug in Fort Wayne, IN, or therapies. Medically assisted detox is necessary in some cases as detoxification alone can be dangerous.
  • Specialized Programs: There is no cookie-cutter approach to quality addiction treatment programs. In Fort Wayne, IN, drug rehab centers that offer programs and treatment should be individualized and targeted toward specific individuals or populations such as teens, certain genders, certain populations, or other types of specialized rehabilitation. 
  • Post-treatment Recovery Support: Many clients who undergo addiction treatment need a high level of support and clinical care. It can be difficult for clients after drug rehab ends and they go out on their own. This is why having a support system in place is imperative to prevent the risk of relapse. Quality treatment programs offer multiple post-treatment options, including continuing care groups, phone-based coaching, and other supportive resources, including providing family support.

How to get help for substance abuse in Fort Wayne

How See Purpose is Different

The caring professionals at SEE Purpose understand that arriving at the decision to seek addiction help is not easy. Leaving home, family and friends is challenging. Leaving one’s workplace is also a difficult experience. But seeking sobriety is imperative, and we seek to offer Fort Wayne residents numerous different therapy programs that help you meet your addiction recovery goals. Addiction may seem heavy and difficult to get away from, but we seek to offer the most supportive and healthy treatment options in the most holistic manner possible. 

Our inpatient drug rehab in Indiana works with each person on an individualized basis to ensure that each person’s treatment program includes drug & alcohol detox and residential inpatient treatment that utilizes therapies that are specifically targeted to address the symptoms experienced. We also treat clients with a dual diagnosis condition with our compassionate mental health treatment professionals who are trained to address the unique needs of co-occurring disorders while offering uniquely targeted therapies to help each client better understand how their addiction and mental health are related.

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Get Help at Our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Near Fort Wayne, Indiana

The first step to breaking free from the bondage of addiction is acknowledging the fact that you are struggling and need help. Finding addiction treatment is the first vital step on the recovery path. During this journey, there will be a lot of changes that may be challenging. Setbacks are not uncommon but should be somewhat expected, and it is important to remember that they do not indicate failure in the process of reaching sobriety. SEE Purpose seeks to help you along the way, so you can ultimately live a life free from the struggles of the disease of addiction.

If you are ready to put your addiction problem behind you, reach out to our Fort Wayne, Indiana, addiction treatment facility today. The caring and compassionate admissions and treatment teams are dedicated to helping you learn more about our programs while encouraging you along the path toward long-term sobriety, health, and vitality. The treatment professionals at our drug rehab in Indiana are waiting with open arms to welcome you to our facility, where we will gently help you along the way to a new beginning, free from drugs and alcohol. We are only a phone call away at 1-866-558-3606.


At SEE Purpose, we work directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses, in order to get the help you are seeking.