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Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

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Beacon Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

Addiction is a terrible disease that affects millions of Americans every year. Many of them continue to struggle year after year because they simply do not know where to turn to get help with their addiction, and they do not know how they are going to pay for their addiction treatment. The good news is: getting insurance coverage for your addiction treatment needs is now much easier than ever. SEE Purpose is an Indiana Beacon rehab facility that helps people with all types of addictions get clean and stay that way long after treatment has ended.

We are proud to be part of the Beacon Insurance network where we can provide top-quality rehab treatment to people just like you. This means that we are able to offer a Beacon addiction treatment program to more of those in need, expanding access and offering a true chance at recovery that one may not have had before. We recognize the struggles that addiction can cause and we believe that, through entering a licensed treatment facility in Indiana, you can receive the care you need to learn how to live life without drugs and alcohol. 

SEE Purpose is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana that accepts Beacon health insurance. Call us today to learn more about treatment.

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What is Beacon Insurance?

Beacon is an insurance provider servicing employers, businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and state and local governments throughout America. They are one of the largest insurance providers in the nation with over 40 million customers across various fields, but what may set Beacon apart from other healthcare providers is that they are focused on mental health and substance abuse. At the core of their values, Beacon aims to improve the day-to-day lives of their customers through smart healthcare with doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors and more. But, rather than focus on just medical care like other insurance providers, they focus on mental health and wellness as well as the impact of substance abuse.

Beacon believes in a neighbor-to-neighbor approach, which is why they make strategic partnerships with service providers in local areas, rather than just searching for the biggest name providers out there. The key partnerships with service providers like SEE Purpose allow them to provide coverage and care that is more personalized than other providers. Customers feel comfortable knowing that they are protected by one of the largest insurance providers in the nation while still being able to see their hometown doctors and other service providers right in their own backyard.

Beacon is more than just an insurance provider, they strive to be part of the community they serve. They do this with strong partnerships and core values, as well as a proven, built concept of how insurance should be done. Once customers know they are in good hands with Beacon, it makes getting the care they need that much easier.

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Why Do I Need an Indiana Beacon Rehab?

Deciding to go to rehab is something that many people struggle with. There are many reasons to choose to go to an Indiana Beacon rehab center. 

First, as someone struggling with an addiction, going into treatment is the most effective way to truly get clean and sober. Without rehab, a person is far more likely to relapse and may fail for years before they finally become sober. The purpose of rehab is to not only get a person off of the substance they are abusing, but also to identify the reasons they are using in the first place and teach them the coping skills and techniques they need to avoid relapse and live life without needing drugs or alcohol. Most of the time, a person uses drugs or alcohol because of circumstances in their life that they are trying to cope with. By changing this pattern of behavior and addressing the underlying issues, it is much easier for a person to stay sober.

Another reason to use an Indiana Beacon rehab center is to get all the benefits of your Beacon insurance plan. Choosing to use an in-network treatment facility means the lowest co-pay amount and deductibles for your treatment, all while receiving the quality of care that is guaranteed by Beacon. SEE Purpose is your local Indiana detox center that provides a broad range of care for addiction recovery. Our program is focused around residential inpatient care, where our clients stay at our world-class Indiana inpatient substance abuse treatment program while they receive the treatment they need. We even have special treatment programs just for veterans. 

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How Does Beacon Substance Abuse Treatment in Indiana Work?

Beacon insurance covers addiction treatment for all types of addictions. Generally, when a person wants to get addiction treatment they will go over their policy with a policy expert to determine if they have the right kind of coverage with their current policy. Customers have addiction treatment coverage with most of their plans, but can also purchase additional coverage if necessary.

Next, it is a good idea to find an in-network treatment facility and talk with them about the kind of treatment that will be right for you. Based on the type of treatment that you wish to receive, you will be covered up to the limit of your policy. Certain types of treatment such as hospitalization or residential stays are more expensive, so you may receive treatment for less time than if you were to go through an outpatient program. If you need more time or special options during your rehab stay, you can talk with your policy expert about the additional coverage and any special circumstances you have so that you can update your policy. 

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Visit SEE Purpose, Your Beacon Drug Rehab Center in Indiana

Once you decide to get treatment for your addiction, all that’s left is to come to us here at SEE Purpose. SEE Purpose is the premiere Indiana rehabilitation center. Our programs are tailor-made to fit each individual client, so that no matter what you are struggling with, you receive counseling, therapy, medical support and more. As a partner with Beacon, we believe in excellence in treatment for our clients. 

Don’t wait another minute to conquer your addiction. We’re here for you from the first minutes of detox all the way through aftercare and beyond to ensure that you have a long and successful recovery and many years of sobriety. Call 1-866-558-3606 to learn more.

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Our inpatient treatment center in Indiana works directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses, in order to get the help you are seeking.