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Are There Painkiller Rehab Centers?


Millions of Americans take pain medication every day due to an injury or other medical problem. Unfortunately, many of those people are also addicted to those pain medications. Painkiller addiction is one of the biggest drug problems in the United States and currently shows no signs of stopping. The problem with an addiction to painkillers is that most legitimately need the medication when they start and may become addicted without even knowing it. 

Painkiller rehab centers are places for people addicted to painkillers to get help and find the means to cope without using painkillers. Each substance use disorder is unique, and the care that a person needs will differ from one to the next, but if you’re looking for a rehab center in Indiana, then SEE Purpose is the location for you. SEE Purpose provides top-rated luxury inpatient substance abuse treatment in Indiana for our clients dealing with various types of addiction. 


Why is Prescription Drug Addiction So Common?

There are a few reasons why prescription drug addiction is so common. 

First, the main reason why prescription drug addiction is so common is because of just how many prescription drugs are available. Millions of prescriptions are filled every day, and this number appears to only be increasing. People take the drugs because they are told to by their doctor, and many of them end up becoming addicted either through misuse or even though taking them normally, without knowing it. It is difficult to control the number of prescriptions because many people legitimately need their prescriptions. 

Another reason why prescription drug abuse is so common is that most prescribed medications are simply very addictive. Painkillers, psychoactive medications, and others all have an incredible potential for people to become addicted to them. Once a person is addicted, it is nearly impossible to get clean without first going through a professional detox program in Indianapolis.


What Prescription Drugs Are Commonly Abused?

Several different types of prescription drugs can be abused, but the National Institute on Drug Abuse ranks the most commonly abused prescriptions, with pain relievers well in the lead. This correlates with the number of prescriptions that are written on a daily basis. 

Sedatives and tranquilizers are the second most common type of prescription abused, with stimulants in third place. Many times these other types of prescriptions are abused not only because they are naturally addictive, but because people end up liking the way that the drugs make them feel.

These are just the three most common types, nearly every type of drug has the potential to become addictive, meaning that a person could become addicted at any time to a medication they are taking. 


What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction?

Knowing what to look for to help a person with a drug addiction is an important step. The sooner a person gets help for their addiction, the better. 

A person who is addicted to their prescription drugs, will likely start taking more than they are prescribed or more than they actually need. This is often followed by them changing the method in which they take the drug, going from taking it the prescribed way to possibly snorting, smoking, or injecting the drug. 

You will also notice changes in social behavior, like becoming distant from friends and family. You may notice them lying or trying to hide their drug use as well. One significant indicator of an addiction is if they no longer have access to their original prescription, and they go to great lengths to acquire more, even buying it from someone else or committing illegal acts. 


Are There Painkiller Rehab Centers in Indiana

If you know someone with a prescription addiction, then finding painkiller rehab centers in Indiana is the next important step. Luckily, SEE Purpose is right here when you need us, and we have a wide range of treatment options in a luxurious setting waiting for you or your loved one. 

We evaluate each of our clients to determine the type of treatment that will suit their needs best and create custom-crafted rehab programs that maximize their chances at recovery. We know that going through the recovery process is difficult, but we want to be there to help the whole way. Contact us to learn more about our top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana.

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