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Supporting a Loved One with a Mental Health Disorder


Are you currently watching a loved one struggle with a mental illness? If you are, you no doubt feel heartbroken and helpless as they slide deeper into their disorder. As they regress to a shell of their former self, you think about how you can help them turn the corner and become well. While it is a tall task, supporting a loved one with a mental health disorder is possible if you know the right way to help.

In this article, you will learn the proper way to support a loved one with a mental health disorder. If your loved one needs help to overcome their mental illness or substance abuse issue, today is the day that you act. SEE Purpose is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana featuring evidence-based treatment programs personalized to meet your loved one’s needs. From intensive Indiana inpatient substance abuse treatment to aftercare programming, the experienced staff at SEE Purpose will help you find lasting happiness and health.Call SEE Purpose today!

The Devastating Impacts of Mental Health Disorders

You may be surprised to learn that mental illness is common throughout the United States. The Centers for Disease Control states that more than one in five adults in the United States suffer from a mental illness The CDC also estimates that one in five young people aged 13-18 have struggled with mental illness at some point in their lives. Additionally, one in 25 Americans live with serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or depression.

The worst thing about mental illness is that it can strike anyone regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic background. When a loved one suffers from a mental disorder, it has devastating impacts on their thinking, mood, daily functioning, and their ability to communicate with others. Mental illness not only affects the sufferer; it also affects their family, friends, and community at large in equal measure. While many quality treatment programs exist, many people are hesitant to get help because of the continued stigma surrounding mental health disorders. 

While difficult, families of those affected by mental illness must find professional help. Fortunately, many mental illnesses are treatable, and 70 to 90 percent of individuals will experience an improvement in symptoms as well as their quality of life.

Tips On Supporting A Loved One With A Mental Health Disorder

Supporting a loved one with a mental illness needs to be approached with caution. Doing the wrong thing can make matters worse. If you suspect a loved one is struggling with their mental health, the first thing you need to do is educate yourself. Talk to your doctor or a mental health expert to get as much information as possible. Fortunately, there are many reputable websites that can provide you with substantial information as well as resources you can use to learn more about mental illness. 

Secondly, find time to talk to your loved one about your concerns. You don’t have to be an expert on mental illness; simply start by expressing concern and telling them they have your support. Be reassuring and patient, and avoid being judgmental. Take the time to listen to what they say, and allow them to express how they feel. Thirdly, focus on finding support for yourself. Helping a loved one with mental illness can be physically and psychologically taxing. Be sure you are eating properly, getting exercise, getting restful sleep, and seeking counseling if needed. 

Most importantly, be supportive for the long run. A loved one’s struggle with mental disorders is rarely linear or straightforward. There will be victories and setbacks. No matter what happens, let your loved one know they have your love and support. 


Call SEE Purpose Treatment Center And Get Your Loved One The Help They Need

Is your loved one in need of professional help? If so, today is the day you take action. Fortunately, SEE Purpose Treatment Center is just a phone call away. Our state-of-the-art drug addiction treatment center in Indiana offers a wide range of evidence-based treatment programs that are designed for your loved one’s unique needs. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to helping your loved one and family address and overcome addiction and mental health issues.

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