Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is extremely challenging, and it is encouraged for individuals to seek help from a rehabilitation center to recover from their addictions. Recovering outside of rehab runs the risk for relapse, which can be taxing on a person’s body and mentality as it pertains to recovery. Withdrawal symptoms occur after a person stops the use of drugs or alcohol, and those symptoms can be severe and sometimes life-threatening; therefore, it is important to go through recovery while under medical supervision.   

What Is a Drug Rehab Center?


A drug rehab center is a facility where addicts go for extended periods of time to recover from substance use disorder. There are several options for rehab including inpatient care and outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab is when the addict stays at a facility, away from home, for an extended period and undergoes various therapies and treatments to recover from their addictions. Outpatient rehab entails similar therapies and treatments, but clients do not stay overnight and remain in their environments.


Asking for help can be difficult, however, if you are suffering from an addiction to any harmful substance, it is very important that you do get the help you need in order to make a full recovery. Drug rehabs offer various therapies such as individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step facilitation therapy for addiction, family therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more. Rehabs also offer holistic approaches to treatment including practicing mindfulness, yoga, breathing exercises, and more. 


SEE Purpose is a drug and alcohol rehab center located near Terre Haute, Indiana, and our expert staff of medical and psychological professionals are dedicated to helping our clients make a full recovery and transition back to normal life in the most seamless way possible. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Terre Haute, Indiana


Some of the benefits of attending an inpatient drug rehab is that clients receive access to around-the-clock medical care that may not be available when recovering from home. Having a staff of medical professionals nearby can be instrumental to the recovery process and to preventing relapse from occurring. Inpatient rehabs are also said to be more effective, especially for those who have more severe levels of addiction.


Part of the recovery process is detoxification, which is when the addict completely stops taking the drug that they are addicted to. This process rids the body of the harmful toxins that had been building up in their system due to extended drug use. Undergoing detoxification is not an easy process, and it can require medical attention depending on the severity of the addiction. In some cases, patients may need medication to get them through the withdrawal cycle, and it is imperative to have medical experts around to mitigate these symptoms. 


At SEE Purpose drug rehab near Terre Haute, IN, we offer a comfortable and safe environment for patients to feel at home while they are undergoing the recovery process.   


Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Terre Haute, Indiana


For those with less severe addictions or have busy at-home lives that they cannot step away from for extended periods of time, outpatient drug rehab is also an incredible option for recovery. Although medical staff will not be available 24/7, we do provide resources and support groups that can be incredibly helpful for those who opt for outpatient treatment. 


Outpatient care can also be beneficial for those who have less severe addictions and have a supportive group around them who can help make recovery as easy as possible. For outpatient rehab, the same therapies and holistic methods are available, and you get to receive similar treatment and return to the comfort of your own bed every night. 

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