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The Impact of Sleep on Addiction Recovery


An effective addiction recovery program has many components. When you think of those important components, 12-step meetings, proper diet and exercise, and building a strong support network come to mind almost immediately. One component that often gets overlooked in addiction recovery is getting restful sleep. It can be argued that the impact of sleep on addiction recovery may be the most important ingredient in a strong recovery program.

This article will discuss the impact of sleep on addiction recovery. You will also learn foolproof ways you can get the restful sleep you need to maximize your health and stay sober. Are you looking to jumpstart your recovery? SEE Purpose offers evidence-based Indiana inpatient substance abuse treatment and aftercare planning that is proven to work and customized to meet your specific needs. No matter the severity of your addiction, SEE Purpose gives you the tools and support you need to find lasting recovery.

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The Impact Of Sleep On Addiction Recovery: Why Is Sleep So Important?

It goes without saying that sleep is vital to your overall well-being. When you are recovering from the ravages of substance abuse, getting restful sleep every night is critical to help you stay sober over the long run. When you get the right amount of sleep each and every night, it reduces the prevalence of anxiety and depression which can make you more vulnerable to relapse. Getting enough sleep also decreases your stress, which is a major risk factor that can lead you back to regular substance use.

Another tremendous benefit of getting enough sleep is that it improves your mood. When you get the rest you need, you feel less irritable and “on edge.” When you feel good about yourself, you feel happy and confident and ready to take on the challenges of daily life. Most importantly, getting a good night’s rest improves your cognitive functioning. As a result, you will have better concentration, will be able to focus and pay attention, and can make better decisions. This will help you maintain your recovery goals and stay focused on your progress.

Tips To Help You Get The Rest You Need

There is no magic formula to getting the restful sleep you need each night. However, there are simple things you can do right now. The following are foolproof tips that can help you get the rest you need to maximize your recovery and overall health:

  • It is important to create a sleep schedule and stick to it. In most cases, adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. However, you need to pay attention to how you feel throughout the day to know whether you are getting the right amount of sleep.
  • Create a bedtime routine that is relaxing. This routine should start an hour or two before bed and include activities such as taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to relaxing music. Avoid scrolling on your phone or using your tablet; these devices suppress the production of melatonin, which is important in helping you fall asleep.
  • Create a bedroom environment that is conducive to restful sleep. Make sure that your room is cool, comfortable, and quiet. If needed, get some blackout curtains. You can also use white noise generators or fans. 
  • Get regular exercise every day. Exercise is shown to improve the quality of your sleep. However, you want to avoid exercising late in the day or right before bed.

SEE Purpose Will Help You Restore Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Drug and alcohol addiction requires professional help that is evidence-based and compassionate. As a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana, SEE Purpose Treatment Center employs 12-step and non-12-step approaches to help you overcome addiction for good. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will work with you to design an individualized treatment program that gives you the tools you need to achieve lifelong recovery.

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