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How to Rebuild Trust in Recovery


Drug addiction is an equal-opportunity destroyer of lives. When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, nothing is spared. Addiction can destroy your physical health, mental health, finances, and employment. Perhaps the one thing that addiction impacts the most is the trust shared with family and friends. If the trust with those you love the most is gone, you may feel truly alone in the world.

If you are newly recovering, this article provides important tips on how to rebuild trust in recovery. The key to long-term sobriety is undergoing evidence-based drug treatment customized to meet your unique needs. SEE Purpose Treatment is a drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana that offers unique and dynamic therapies along with detox, intensive residential treatment, and aftercare programs. No matter the severity of your addiction, the dedicated professionals at SEE Purpose Treatment will provide you the support you need to rise above addiction for good.

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Why Is Trust So Important?

It should be no surprise that trust is absolutely integral to your connections with others. In fact, trust is the glue that connects humans together. When you completely trust another person, you mean what you say and your follow through with your commitments without expectation or worry. Additionally, trust is based on open and honest communication with others. When you are able to be transparent with family and friends, it deepens the connections. It is important to note that trust goes both ways; you need to be able to trust those you love, and in return they need to be able to trust you.

If you are active in addiction, trust is destroyed. Instead of honest communication and following through on what you promise, you choose to manipulate and play people off each other in order to get what you want. There may be instances where you are verbally abusive toward family and friends. Ultimately, addiction tears people apart from each other, and they can become distrustful, angry, and resentful.

When you start getting sober, trust doesn’t magically reappear. In fact, you need to do a great deal of work in order to repair and regain the trust of others. While you may be taking steps to better yourself, those you love may see this as another lie or manipulation. In order for your recovery to flourish, you need to work to restore that trust, because you need your family and friends to be your support throughout the journey ahead of you. 

Steps You Can Take To Build Trust In Recovery

Repairing relationships after addiction takes time and can be very tricky. Rebuilding relationships in recovery is a step by step process and doesn’t really have a definitive timeline. The following tips will get you moving in the right direction:

Continue Working On Your Sobriety

The number one step in rebuilding trust in recovery is to keep on working on your sobriety. Completing a drug treatment program isn’t enough; you may want to consider entering an aftercare program as well as regularly attending a support group. It also is highly recommended that you see a therapist on a regular basis. 

Set Small Goals

It is important to start small when it comes to building trust. Start with small tasks and gradually work your way to larger goals. Make yourself available to family and friends, but don’t try to spread yourself thin. Commit to small obligations like attending family functions or visiting friends.

Respect Boundaries

While many family and friends may be receptive to the changes you are making in your life relatively quickly, there will be some people who may not easily be convinced. For those people, you need to respect their boundaries. Let them know you are working on yourself and taking the steps you need to be a better person. Admit your mistakes and tell them you are working hard to right the wrongs. 

Be Accountable

Accountability is the hallmark of every recovery program. Be honest and open about your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t shift the blame on the substances or other people. 

Be Good To Yourself

You can’t reverse the bad things caused by addiction in a day. It is important to take care of yourself. Be sure to eat healthy, exercise regularly, hydrate, and get restful sleep each night. When you take care of yourself, you show others the commitment you make in living a better life. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up. Make note of the person you are now compared to who you once were. 

SEE Purpose Treatment Will Help You Become Happy and Healthy

Don’t let addiction ruin your life and your relationships with those you love the most. The best investment you can make is to seek professional help. SEE Purpose Treatment is a top drug addiction treatment center in Indiana. We offer quality detox, inpatient substance abuse treatment, and aftercare planning services that are evidence-based and personalized to meet your needs. Along with our luxury facility, state-of-the-art amenities, and compassionate staff, you will receive the support you need to become strong, healthy, and vibrant.

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