Alcohol impacts relationships in many ways. With 14.4 million adults experiencing an alcohol use disorder, and 88,000 annual deaths, whether you are the person drinking or the person who loves someone with a drinking problem, the balance of a relationship can be toppled by alcohol. 


If you believe that you or your loved one need help with alcohol addiction, contact SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment. We are a fully comprehensive addiction treatment program that caters to the specific needs of each individual client.


How Can Alcohol Affect Your Relationships?

When it comes to alcoholism there are three people in that relationship, the alcoholic, the nonalcoholic, and the alcohol. Whether you want to believe it or not, alcohol impacts every relationship in the life of an alcoholic. 


Alcohol can impact social and personal relationships. People may turn away from the increase in risky behaviors, the lack of care for their or your personal safety, and the general lack of responsibility when it comes to drinking. 


Family or relationship problems that can occur due to drinking include: violence, marital conflict, infidelity, jealousy, economic insecurity, divorce, and fetal alcohol syndrome.


Alcohol also impacts your work performance. Low-productivity and quality and absenteeism can cause significant stress and issues with work-based relationships. While alcoholism is a disability that you cannot be fired for, significant changes to your work schedule and duties can occur, and your workplace may have specific requirements and rules in place that prevent drinking/being drunk on the job.


Alcohol can thoroughly impact every aspect of your life.


What Are Common Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

There are many common signs when it comes to determining how alcohol can affect your relationships. 


If your or your loved one’s drinking is consistently more than planned, more frequent than planned, or occurs until you blackout or have severe hangover/withdrawal symptoms the following day, it might be time to consider getting help with addiction.


Additionally, if your drinking or recovering from drinking is impacting your personal responsibilities at work, home, or school, or if you’ve stopped participating in hobbies or activities you love, these could be signs that your drinking is out of control. 


If you feel like this might describe your or someone you care about, contact SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment today to see how we can support transition to a healthy sober lifestyle.


How to Get Help With Alcohol Addiction

If you believe that you are ready to get help with alcohol addiction, help is available. Alcohol addiction treatment comes in many forms and can support individuals from various backgrounds. 


Both inpatient residential treatment and outpatient treatment support individuals with detoxification, individual counseling, and group therapy. This process helps clients evaluate their choices, how alcohol can affect their relationships, and how to manage triggers and stressors that they will face. 


SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment

SEE Purpose is a premier addiction treatment center in Indiana, that caters to the individual needs of clients suffering with alcohol and drug use disorders. With medically monitored detoxification, residential inpatient treatment, and thorough aftercare, we work to support our clients through every step of the addiction treatment and rehabilitation process. 


At SEE Purpose, we help clients evaluate how alcohol affects their relationships and what they can do to make better choices to support stability in their relationships both at home and work. Through a combination of traditional and alternative therapies, we can support our client’s dual diagnosis disorders and attend to the root cause of addiction. 


Our goal is to create a state-of-the-art experience that supports our client’s ability to rehabilitate and recover in a relaxing and nurturing environment. We believe that addiction treatment should be holistic and support the physical, mental, and emotional healing of each of our clients.


Contact SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment today to see how our premier addiction treatment center can support all of your alcohol addiction treatment needs.


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