There are benzo detox facilities designed to support clients who have become addicted to this prescription drug. Because, even when taken correctly, benzodiazepines can be addictive, and individuals can develop a tolerance to the medication. Through this process, individuals need more medication to have the same effect on their bodies. While not typically deadly, benzo addiction can cause other unhealthy side effects in the body.

At SEE Purpose, our benzo detox facility helps clients change their lifestyles and manage their addiction. If this drug was prescribed to you to help you manage anxiety or panic attacks, we have trained therapists and counselors who can help you learn and develop strategies to support you without medication.

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What are benzos?

Benzos are the street name for the drug benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepine is a mood-altering medication prescribed for anxiety and panic attacks. They can also be prescribed for sleep and seizures. They may be prescribed to be taken daily at a specific time for maintenance or as needed for episodes of increased anxiety and fear. 

Benzos are also a common street drug. Known as “downers, nerve pills, or tranks,” these pills are taken orally or crushed and snorted to achieve a high. They can cause euphoric highs, amnesia, vivid and/or disturbing dreams, hostility, and irritability. As a depressant, they suppress the functions in the body and can slow breathing, weaken the pulse, and put someone into a coma. 

While they are rarely fatal in independent use, when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, the likelihood of overdose and death does increase.


Why are benzos addictive?

Benzos are addictive because of how they impact the brain and body. Benzodiazepines create a calming and euphoric feeling for individuals with sleep disorders and anxiety/panic disorders. As a downer, the calming effect of these drugs is brought on by an increase in dopamine in the body. This is addictive for individuals using the drug as prescribed and those who use the drug illegally.

Benzos are most commonly stolen from a family member or an available prescription. They are also most commonly used with illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. 


Are there benzo detox facilities?

There are benzo detox facilities designed to support individuals who have developed an addiction to benzodiazepines.

At large treatment facilities, individuals undergo detox and rehabilitation for drug addiction. The focus will be on developing healthy coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies to prevent use and promote sobriety. 

However, because benzos are an addictive prescription medication, sometimes it is crucial to go to a dual diagnosis treatment facility to treat your anxiety or panic disorder while undergoing addiction treatment. A benzo detox facility, like SEE Purpose, is going to offer additional treatments specifically designed to support both disorders in the most supportive and beneficial ways. Through specifically designed treatments to address both a panic/anxiety disorder and addiction treatment, clients have a higher likelihood of achieving and maintaining sobriety.


SEE Purpose – Center for Benzo Addiction Treatment

At SEE Purpose, we believe in improving the mental and physical health of our clients by treating the whole person. With therapies and treatments designed to support individuals with addiction and a number of other mental health disorders, our treatment facility creates opportunities for clients to achieve the wellness they deserve. 

Through SEE Purpose, we help our clients focus on their purpose and achieve their goals. Our luxury treatment facility is designed to promote safety, engagement in the program, and lifelong achievement and success. Our program provides individuals with the skills and strategies necessary for stability after treatment.

Find your purpose with SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment.

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