Cocaine use is dangerous and deadly. It is addictive and regular use can lead to devastating consequences. Individuals who use cocaine need help to stop immediately, as cocaine can be life-threatening with every use.

If you are considering cocaine rehab, it is important to consider what that facility can offer. Comprehensive treatment centers, like SEE Purpose, offer medically monitored detoxification, structured inpatient care, and extensive alumni and aftercare planning resources to continue sober living. Contact us today, the expert medical and professional staff at SEE Purpose are ready to help you find your purpose.


What is cocaine?

Cocaine is a white powdery substance that is often snorted, injected, or rubbed on the gums in the mouth. Cocaine produces a quick euphoric high that usually dissipates within an hour. Individuals often take several hits of cocaine over the course of an evening. “Binging” the drug makes it even more dangerous and difficult for the body to process. 

When an individual uses cocaine, they often expect to feel a euphoric high, lowered inhibitions, and mental alertness, however, those can quickly turn negative. Individuals who develop a sensitivity to cocaine can experience paranoia, irritability, restlessness, increased temperature, blood pressure, and heartbeat, and hypersensitivity to light, touch, and sound. 


Is cocaine addictive?

While not immediately addictive, using cocaine regularly and unsafely, like binging, can lead to addiction.

Cocaine addiction can cause multiple long-term side effects based on how the drug enters the body. Examples include:

  • Snorting cocaine can cause a loss of smell, nosebleeds, and trouble swallowing
  • Smoking cocaine can cause coughing, asthma, respiratory distress, and a higher risk of infections like pneumonia
  • Consuming cocaine by the mouth can cause severe bowel decay from reduced blood flow
  • Injecting cocaine, usually mixed in water, raises the risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases

Additionally, cocaine use is as dangerous on the first hit as it is the last. Individuals overdosing may experience seizures, psychosis, and heart attacks. 


Knowing When it’s Time and What to Look for in a Cocaine Rehab Center

If you suspect that you or your loved one is using cocaine and that it is having an impact on your or their life, it is time for cocaine rehab. Cocaine use can quickly spiral out of control. If you suspect that an individual is binging cocaine or using it regularly, it is time to get help.

When looking for a cocaine rehab center, it is important to pick a facility that is not only familiar with stimulant addiction but to pick a location that has medical professionals familiar with cocaine withdrawal. As a stimulant, the detox process for cocaine can be dangerous to the individual or those around them and should be completed in a monitored setting. 

Individuals should choose a comprehensive treatment facility with both a detox and inpatient residential treatment program. By choosing this, clients can quickly transition from detox to treatment and maintain stability and familiarity with the program. 

Individuals with a mild addiction, who only experience infrequent use or social use and want to get clean, may benefit from an outpatient program. This should be discussed with a medical professional following detox.


SEE Purpose

SEE Purpose is a fully residential treatment center designed to support individuals with cocaine and other drug and alcohol addiction. SEE Purpose’s luxury treatment facility is designed based on proving a safe, supportive, and engaging environment ideal for recovery and rehabilitation from the perils of drug and alcohol abuse.

Our clients work through personalized addiction treatment plans, designed specifically based on an analysis and interview of their individual needs. Clients work to achieve mental, emotional, and physical stability through treatment in our facilities.

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