Alcohol detox can initiate several severe withdrawal symptoms like tremors, hallucinations, and even depression. It is important to remember that while it may not feel like it will ever end, you can beat addiction with treatment and support.


At SEE Purpose, our purpose is to help addicts find theirs again. With client-forward programming and the best addiction treatment protocols, our clients find success within our program. Our comprehensive programming focuses on assisting clients to safely detox from drugs and alcohol and then transitioning them into structured addiction treatment. Our clients can learn and develop the skills necessary to live a successfully sustainable drug-free lifestyle through this process. 


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Signs and Symptoms of an Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol addiction has many signs and symptoms. While they can sometimes be passed off as someone being a heavy drinker or a problematic drinker, or the problems associated with other stressors, individuals who are addicted to alcohol cannot stop. Alcohol addiction forces people to drink even when they know it is damaging and want to change.


If you suspect this may be how your loved one feels or you are feeling this way now, contact SEE Purpose. Our comprehensive addiction treatment center can support you in making a change.


What are the “shakes”? How long do the “shakes” last when detoxing from alcohol?


The “shakes” are part of alcohol detox. Medically known as tremors, individuals suffering from the shakes often feel poorly and shake for less than a week. Individuals typically experience the shakes as an onset of withdrawal, and they last for the first 3-4 days. However, the shakes can be part of severe alcohol withdrawal known as Delirium Tremens, the “DTs.” For individuals who develop PAWS, tremors can last up to a year.


How to Safely Detox from Alcohol


To safely detox from alcohol, individuals are medically monitored, stay hydrated, and remain in a safe location. Studies indicate that between 5-10% of individuals experience severe alcohol withdrawal (DTs) and can pose a threat to themselves or others. Additionally, cravings are a valid concern for the first two months.


What to do After You Complete Alcohol Detox


After completing alcohol detox, it is crucial for individuals to undergo addiction treatment. While detox is helpful in getting the substance out of the system, it does nothing for the mental aspect of addiction. Addiction treatment is necessary for individuals who wish to make a sustainable change in their life.


Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment is best for individuals who want to learn how to change their life, manage their triggers, and make life-long changes. When a person attends inpatient treatment, they live at the facility for 30-90 days learning and applying the skills and strategies they are taught to battle against addiction.


Another option is outpatient treatment, although it may not be best for everyone. Outpatient treatment is most effective for individuals suffering from a mild form of substance use disorder but can also be beneficial for individuals after completing an inpatient program. Through this process, individuals can continue to work on and be supported through addiction treatment.


SEE Purpose


SEE Purpose offers the perfect opportunity for individuals to undergo detoxification and inpatient addiction treatment safely. Our luxury facility is designed to support the best and most effective traditional and alternative therapies for individuals looking to make a change in their lives. 

At SEE Purpose, we believe in creating individualized programs to provide for the greatest benefit. Contact us today to see how our program can help you find your purpose again.

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