Cocaine use, dependency, and addiction account for 1 in 5 overdose deaths with over 5 million American’s reporting cocaine use in 2017. 


Known as a binge drug, you can get addicted to cocaine easily. Frequent social or independent use for fun or focus can lead to dependency, tolerance, and sensitivity to the drug. 


Based on the composition and interaction of cocaine in the body, individuals who use cocaine are as likely to overdose on the first dose as they are on their 50th


Don’t wait any longer. SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment can help you regain your purpose today. Cocaine doesn’t have to be your story. With tailored treatment plans, we work with individuals to develop the skills necessary for sustainable long-term sobriety. 

What Is Cocaine?

Coca is a plant grown in South America that produces the naturally occurring stimulant, cocaine. While often found in a white powder form, cocaine can also be found in a “rock” or solid form, which is known as crack.


As a stimulant, cocaine speeds up the body’s functions. It provides a rushed and euphoric high. Cocaine acts quickly and just as quickly leaves the body. Typically, cocaine is processed through the system in about an hour. 


Cocaine highs can make an individual feel euphoria, energetic, talkative, mentally alert, and hypersensitive. It can make focusing on detail-oriented tasks easier and decrease the need for food and sleep. 


However, cocaine can also create feelings of panic, rage, paranoia, and restlessness. It can cause muscle tremors, increased blood pressure, elevated temperature, and even seizures.

Can You Get Addicted to Cocaine?

The short answer is yes, you can get addicted to cocaine. While cocaine quickly wears off, that typically encourages individuals to take more. Commonly known as a “binge drug” users will take multiple hits of cocaine over a short period of time often increasing the amount and the possibility of overdose. 


Individuals who repeatedly use cocaine may experience hallucinations, panic attacks, and psychosis. Overdosing on cocaine can cause seizures and heart attacks leading to death.


Another thing to be aware of with cocaine use is that cocaine users can not only develop a tolerance for the drug, meaning they need more to achieve the same high, but they can also develop a sensitivity to it. Individuals who develop a sensitivity to cocaine will experience the negative side effects much quicker and more consistently with repeated use. 

What Should You Do if You Are Addicted to Cocaine?

If you believe that you or a loved one are addicted to cocaine, it is important to seek treatment through a facility with a monitored detoxification program. Individuals who are addicted to stimulants, like cocaine, often experience extreme withdrawal symptoms that need to be medically monitored to ensure the safety of the individual detoxing. 


Cocaine addiction treatment often involves individualized counseling and group therapy. Through this process, trained counselors and therapists work with you to develop the skills necessary for managing addiction, environmental and social triggers, and support you through the development of a safe and positive aftercare plan.

How Can SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment Help?

At SEE Purpose, we help individuals regain their purpose with medically monitored detoxification and supportive residential addiction treatment in a safe and luxurious environment.


SEE Purpose Center for Addiction Treatment is a luxury rehabilitation and recovery facility located in Indiana. Our campus provides direct and personalized support to each of our clients. By curating tailored treatment programs for each person, we work tirelessly to ensure each person’s journey leads to sustainable long-term recovery. 


Cocaine doesn’t have to control your life. Regain your purpose with SEE Purpose: Center for Addiction Treatment.

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