Millions of Americans suffer every year from mood-related disorders, depression being the most common. Add in a culture focused on hiding mental illness and drinking alcohol and you have a recipe for disaster. 


Alcohol and depression treatment centers ‘near me’ exist for the sole purpose of supporting you through recovery. At rehabilitation treatment centers, like SEE Purpose, we focus on supporting clients with individual and comorbid disorders. 

Are Alcohol Use and Depression Connected?

While they aren’t always connected, there is a higher-than-average possibility for the comorbidity of these to mental health disorders at the same time.


Called comorbidity or dual-diagnosis, individuals who have a mental health disorder, like depression, in addition to alcohol or drugs require different treatment. 


Individuals who are addicted to alcohol may have worse episodes or experience greater depression. This is due in part to the way that alcohol impacts the nervous system. Alcohol is a depressant and acts as such when it is absorbed into the bloodstream. It impacts motor skills, speech, and even cognition. This could cause a person who is mismanaging their depression or undiagnosed to suffer more severe symptoms.


But that’s not the only way they’re connected.


Persons who have depression may struggle in social situations. In these situations, people may drink to feel uninhibited. This form of self-medication to support social interactions is problematic. While it may be helpful at first, it can lead to dependence and tolerance. When those occur and an individual needs alcohol to feel that they can successfully interact, alcohol addiction is formed. 


Because alcohol creates feelings of depression and individuals who are depressed may use alcohol to self-medicate, the problems perpetuate. 


Individuals with depression and who are also addicted to alcohol (and/or other substances) have higher combined rates for suicide. “The risk of suicide is higher in people with depression, particularly in cases of non-compliance or treatment-resistance, with alcoholism having the second-highest risk.” Combining the two is even worse. 

How To Find Alcohol and Depression Treatment Centers Near Me


If you are searching for an alcohol and depression treatment center ‘near me’ then you are on the correct path. 


Addiction treatment centers are designed to support addiction with counselors trained in specific treatments that best help affect cognitive change around negative behaviors in relation to alcohol. Mental health centers focus on treating overall mental stability but don’t necessarily have the resources to support detox and withdrawal. 


You need the best of both worlds. An alcohol and depression treatment center ‘near me’ that can help you make the cognitive-behavioral and emotional changes surrounding addiction and help you determine not only the root cause of your depression but teach you the skills and support you through managing depression.


Dual-diagnosis treatment centers cater to individuals who are struggling on a number of fronts. Their comprehensive facilities have physicians, clinicians, and medical staff that are trained to identify and monitor individuals through a number of physical, mental, and emotional changes. Additionally, many facilities of this caliber can support clients with medication and monitoring.

SEE Purpose- Alcohol and Depression Treatment Center Near Me

SEE Purpose dual-diagnosis treatment ‘near me’ is the ideal location for this type of treatment. Our intimate luxury facility can support individuals with detoxification from alcohol and other substances while also supporting their mental health. Through the development of goals and specially designed treatment programs, our clients can work through the rehabilitation process with a purpose.


Utilizing the best medical and therapeutic treatments, we put our client’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being at the forefront of all our decisions. Our treatment facility is private and a safe space for individuals to rehabilitate.


Contact us today to see how we can help you find your purpose. – SEE Purpose TODAY

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