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How to Support Someone Going Through Detox


If a loved one is going through drug treatment, your support means all the difference in the world. Your support can provide the motivation they need to complete their treatment program and find lasting recovery. While support is crucial throughout treatment, it is especially important during the medical detox process. Detox is often seen as the most important part of recovery and is often the make-or-break point for every individual on their addiction recovery journey. In this article, you will learn the best ways to support someone going through detox. 

If a family member or friend is struggling with addiction, time is of the essence. SEE Purpose Treatment is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana. We offer detox, therapy, and treatment programs that are evidence-based, extensively tested, and tailored to meet your loved one’s specific needs. Call SEE Purpose Treatment today and give your loved one the tools they need to rise above addiction.

The Importance of Medical Detox In Drug Treatment

Successful drug treatment programs are made up of many different components that work together. Of all of those components, medical detoxification is arguably the most important. Simply defined, detox is the process of clearing out the toxins that accumulate in those who are addicted to substances.When people use substances over considerable periods of time, they significantly alter their brain chemistry and functioning. When substance use is stopped, the brain can cause the body to react strongly in order to regain some sort of balance.

This creates a range of withdrawal symptoms that are often uncomfortable to endure. While withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the substance used, the most common include;

  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular heartbeat

Medical detox services allow clients to wean off of these dangerous substances in a safe and secure environment. Experienced medical staff often administer medications to make the withdrawal process more comfortable. Additionally, treatment staff utilize one-on-one counseling, nutritional and exercise therapy, and other interventions. Because of the nature of withdrawal, clients often feel vulnerable and have considerable anxiety. Because of this, support from family and loved ones becomes crucial in helping them get the strength they need to see treatment through.

Ways to Support Someone Going Through Detox

You may feel uncomfortable watching a loved one struggle through detox and the early stages of drug treatment. While you may feel helpless, having patience and knowing the right ways to support someone going through detox is very impactful in helping them get sober. The following are effective ways you can support someone going through detox:

Get Educated

Perhaps the best way to support someone going through medical detox is to educate yourself on the process itself. Know the methods of detox, the interventions used, and the basic length of time it can take for the detox process to complete. Know the factors that can complicate the detox process such as mental health issues, addiction to multiple substances, and physical diseases and illnesses.

Create A Support System

Because your loved one will feel vulnerable and anxious during detox, it is important to have a strong support system in place.This support system helps your loved one focus on their healing. In addition to yourself, you can include other family members and friends who are supportive of your loved one’s decision to get sober. Those people who are toxic and “bad influences” must be cut out of their lives. 

Be Involved

It is important to show your loved one that you are behind them 100 percent in their recovery. You can do this through your involvement in family therapy and group activities. This helps create a strong foundation that will help them build a strong recovery.

Take Time For Yourself

In order to help others to the best of your ability, you must take the time to take care of yourself. Be sure you are eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, and are regularly engaging in daily exercise. It is also important that you have times during the day where you simply unplug and have alone time to recharge and refocus. 

Overcome The Dangers of Drug Addiction WIth Help From SEE Purpose Treatment

When a loved one struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important that you find professional help. If you are looking for an inpatient treatment center featuring evidence-based treatment, expert professionals, and a customized approach to address your loved one’s specific needs, call SEE Purpose Treatment today. Our drug addiction treatment center in Indiana utilizes both 12-Step and non 12-Step approaches to help restore your loved one in mind, body, and spirit.

Within our luxury treatment environment, your loved one is able to address and overcome their addiction in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment. Call our detox center today and help your loved one live their best life.

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