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Rebuilding Trust and Healing Relationships in Recovery


Getting sober is a major accomplishment that should fill you with pride. The process of achieving long-term recovery requires a lot of hard work. A huge part is healing relationships in recovery. Having the ability to mend the relationships torn apart because of addiction helps rebuild trust and strengthens the support you need to sustain your sobriety.

This article focuses on the importance of healing relationships in recovery and the steps you can take to achieve that goal. The first and most important step in recovery is receiving professional help. As a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana, SEE Purpose Treatment provides all clients treatment programs that are evidence-based and combine effective 12-Step and non-12-Step approaches. Our luxury treatment setting and supportive environment will help you create a healthier and happier life.

Call SEE Purpose Treatment today and get sober for life.

Why Is Rebuilding Trust So Important In Recovery?

Rebuilding trust and healing relationships in recovery is vital to your long-term success. When you were active in addiction, the trust that family and friends placed in you may have been thrown out the window. In order to continue your substance use, you may have manipulated others, and you may even have been abusive towards those you love.

When you begin the recovery process, your family and friends may not be receptive to your effort. While they may see you are putting the work in to get clean and sober, the sting that comes with any lies and manipulation may be hard to overcome. The process of healing relationships in recovery is indeed a process that takes time. In order to rebuild trust, you need to place mending relationships high on your priority list.

Tips on Healing Relationships in Recovery

It is important to note that healing relationships does not happen overnight. In your attempts to repair your relationships with loved ones, you will no doubt encounter obstacles. There may be instances where some relationships are at the point of no return. To Increase your chances of healing your relationships in recovery, the following tips can be helpful:

Stay Sober

When you show others that you are serious about your sobriety, you are showing them commitment and effort. Be consistent in meeting with counselors and your involvement in 12-Step and other support groups. Be sure you are practicing great self-care and immersing yourself in healthy activities. If you feel vulnerable or feel that you are falling short in your recovery, be honest with yourself and others.

Be Kind To Yourself

Don’t define yourself by your past mistakes. Take the time to acknowledge your growth and achievements. Additionally, it is important to create and maintain a recovery-centered daily schedule. Doing these things minimizes doubt in yourself and your recovery. 

Take Baby Steps

When you are healing relationships in recovery, you need to start small. Do things like help around the house and show up for birthdays and other special events. Starting small gives people the space and time to relearn to trust you.

Respect Boundaries

There may be situations where people may not be ready to rebuild relationships with you right away. In those instances, it is important to respect boundaries and give them space. If you are too aggressive in your attempts to restore your relationships, they may push farther away from you. Just focus on working your program of recovery and show your willingness to regain their trust.

Make Amends

One of the best ways to rebuild trust in recovery is to make amends. Ask others how you can right the wrongs and give full effort. Again, it is important to respect boundaries and not jump in with both feet. Show others you are fully committed to achieving real and lasting sobriety.

Rebuild Your Mind, Body, And Spirit With Help From SEE Purpose Treatment

Drug addiction can destroy lives and ruin relationships. If you are struggling with substance abuse, you need evidence-based treatment services and compassionate support to motivate you to change. SEE Purpose Treatment employs a dynamic and holistic approach that will transform your life. At our luxury drug rehab center in Bloomington, you can address and overcome your addiction in a secure and non-judgmental environment. 

Start the road to recovery today and call SEE Purpose Treatment.

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