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What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?


The medical community is constantly searching for new and improved ways of treating and caring for patients. Over the past few decades, advancements in technology have played a major role in this effort – with new practices, equipment, and standards being introduced yearly. 

One term that has grown in popularity among healthcare professionals is ‘holistic,’ which is derived from a concept called ‘holism.’ In philosophy, holism refers to the idea that the universe is made up of interacting wholes that are more than the mere sum of elementary particles.

In medicine, ‘holistic’ refers to treating the individual as a whole. While traditional medicine relies on treating just the symptoms of the disease, holistic medicine takes into account the material and social factors of the disease – a more interactive and human-based approach to medicine.


What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment refers to any addiction treatment, program, or practice that takes a holistic approach to an individual’s recovery. This means they treat the individual not only mentally but also emotionally, socially, behaviorally, physically, spiritually, and so much more. 

Contrary to popular belief, holistic addiction treatment doesn’t underscore the impact of traditional treatment methods. Instead, holistic addiction treatment is primarily used as an alternative treatment method – meaning it’s often used in conjunction with traditional methods. 

The primary goal behind holistic addiction treatment is to align an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. There’s a clear and deep connection between the three, and when one is out of line, it throws the other two out of line, as well. With tailored treatment, a balance can be found again.


What Are Examples of Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Holistic addiction treatment isn’t one specific practice or therapy, but rather an umbrella term for various different therapies that utilize the holistic approach to addiction recovery. They often say there’s a holistic therapy out there for everyone, so long as you’re willing to give it a chance. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common examples of holistic treatment for drug addiction:

  • Nutritional therapy and other changes to one’s diet
  • Herbal and plant medicines or supplements
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, exercise, and other physical activity
  • Art, music, and writing therapy
  • Body massages, reflexology, and acupuncture
  • Reiki, Shamanic healing, and other energy healing techniques
  • Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and sound therapy
  • Kirtan, breathwork, hypnotherapy, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques
  • Experiential therapy and nature therapy
  • Equine therapy and other forms of animal therapy
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback

Your primary doctor, mental health professional, or recovery specialist will work directly with you to determine which holistic treatment for drug addiction is best suited for you. Not every patient responds well to all holistic treatments, but the proper one can be found through trial and error.


What Are the Benefits of Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

Since the holistic approach treats the individual as a whole, it can play a major role in helping someone change their life for the better – in more ways than just one. It won’t just focus on the addiction but on what triggers the addiction and how to prevent or avoid triggers in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits of holistic substance abuse treatment: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety, while improving mood and overall outlook on life
  • Learn to cope with and eventually overcome withdrawal symptoms and urges
  • Find a deeper spiritual connection with oneself, giving you a sense of purpose
  • Prevent chances of relapse and learn to avoid possible triggers to addiction
  • Improve overall health and wellness of the individual seeking treatment
  • Doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but treats the underlying root of the problem
  • Receive individualized, personalized, customized, and tailored care
  • Restore your state of balance – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

Under the right circumstances and given the proper treatment, those suffering from addiction can find the help they so desperately need. Along with traditional and conventional treatment methods, holistic substance abuse treatment can help an individual achieve recovery success. 


How to Find a Holistic Addiction Recovery Program in Indiana

Are you interested in learning more about holistic addiction recovery? Do you think holistic addiction recovery would suit you or a loved one well? Do you have any questions about holistic addiction recovery? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then we’re ready to help!

At SEE Purpose Treatment, we ensure our patients receive the proper care and treatment – including Indiana detox, residential treatment, aftercare services, and much more. Located in Bloomfield, Indiana, our recovery specialists can’t wait to help you succeed in your journey towards recovery!

SEE Purpose Treatment is a drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana, providing comprehensive addiction treatment programs.

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